Healthy, Kid friendly, Breakfast


What if I said that you could make a breakfast you will love, and children will fight over, while only using the foods on this plate?

Yesterday morning, I decided to give the two ingredient (egg and banana) pancakes a try after hearing about them on Amelia Liana’s blog. After a successful test run, I decided to experiment with other mushy fruits I could use to spice them up a bit. Adding berries, and a hint of cinnamon resulted in a version of the banana and egg pancake that I loved, and ending up making for my friend’s children.

I made a bunch of small batches to keep things simple and food processor free, which is great if you’re me and not super concerned about cooking for a family. However, this morning I decided to increase the recipe size once the youngins’ decided they wanted in.


What you’ll need:

8 eggs

4 medium to large bananas

1 cup of your choice of berries (the mushier the better)

1 tsp of cinnamon

Your choice in pancake syrup (we used honey)

Optional: 3 tbs of flour (any type of flour) and 1tsp of baking powder just in case your mixture isn’t bonding the way it should.

Serves 4

Step 1: Mash up (process) all the fruit

By willing, I mean...give them a dollar.

It’s that simple. Take your berries (we used raspberries and blueberries) and your bananas, pop them into the food processor, and blend them up… or let a child that loves pulverizing things take care of the mashing process.

I had the assistance of some little hands to do it, which was fun for her, but not so fun when it came time to cook them because the mix does need to be extremely smooth.

Step 2: Add eggs

Once you have a nice fruit puree,  add the eggs and cinnamon, and give a quick spin with the processor.


I wasn't kidding when I said puree
I wasn’t kidding when I said puree

Step 3: Cook them up

I like to use coconut oil

Yes, seriously, it’s that easy.

I prefer coconut oil for it’s health benefits, but vegetable oil or butter will do the trick. Cook them on a low flame, and flip when the top only has a little jiggle to it (I really don’t know how to put that any better), and the bottom is completely cooked.

You do have to be careful with what you add because the ingredients form a pretty delicate balance. However, if you do find that the pancakes aren’t binding, you can always add in the flour and baking soda mentioned in the ingredients list.

Step 4: Top with berries and syrup of choice.


Or if you just so happen to have an awesome seven year old around, let her do the topping.


Step 5: Enjoy, and be prepared to make more!

Eggs, and your favorite fruit make some pretty delicious pancakes. These are super yummy, and way more flavorful than the plain two ingredient recipe. I hope you enjoy these as much as we did!


P.S. I’ll back back to my blogging self later on this week, but please feel free to give me any ideas for what you’d like my take on next.







Once In A Lifetime

I’ve been a writing machine the last couple of days. Unfortunately, none of it is blog worthy as it is a bit too personal. In order to summarize what I have been writing without spilling my guts, I’ll just let someone else do the talking/singing.
This is Once In A Life Time by Landon Austin. He is incredibly talented, and I couldn’t think of a better way to express what I have been feeling/writing the last couple of days.

P.S. Thank you Fluer De Force for getting me completely hooked.

Failure in Perspective


Failure, one of my biggest fears. The fear that has been getting the best of me. One pretty insane down side to having such huge dreams, is the occasional thought that there is SO much room for failure. This whole growing up thing is new to me, and I, like many ‘kids’ my age, am just now learning how to cope with all the pressure (mostly self induced) that comes with growing up and and realizing that all those dreams I’ve had are now becoming goals and realities.

As I learn to cope and maybe even thrive, I find it useful to keep everything in perspective. I do so by asking myself a few crucial questions that I will be sharing with you all today with the hope that it may help silence your panicked brain too.


The most crucial question I ask myself is, what would I want to do with my life if failure wasn’t a factor?

In the next five years, I want to go to school in the UK, I want to have a successful blog, I want my fairytale to end happily ever after, and I want to finally find my happy place with health and fitness. The possibility for failure is insane, and acknowledging that can overwhelm/scare the crap out of me.

Some days that fear gets the best of me, and sometimes it fuels me to work harder and be even better. Either way, I’m not giving up. I choose to see that failure is not an option unless I allow it to be. Without that burden, I can see clearly just how amazing it would be, if and when I accomplish those things.

So what makes you tick? What would you do if failure didn’t exist? Would you leave the country?  Would you apply to Harvard? Would you start a new diet/exercise regime? Would you work towards that job promotion? What crazy, over the top, dream would you turn into a goal?


Another important question is, why do you want your dreams to become reality?

I want to go to school overseas because I want the challenge,  to be on my own, to find out who I really am, and to gain the experience of studying in one of the biggest cultural hubs in the world. I’ll only be young, single, and free for a relatively small amount of time, so I might as well do it right!

I want a successful blog because it will allow me to form a little online community, use my passion for writing to express myself, and even give me a source of income without working a 9 to 5 or hassling with an international work visa. How awesome would it be to work from home, in between classes, and make enough money to independently fund my little European adventures? Uhh, you’re welcome mom and dad.

I want to fall in love and live happily ever after (preferably with someone that’s okay with the fact that I’m a wanderlust) because who doesn’t? I’ve already got someone in mind, but that is one of the few things I’ll leave to fate/destiny/ all that other crap love makes you believe in. Last but not least, I do want to get to the point where I can stop wrestling with my body. I want to finally strike the perfect balance when it comes to my health and fitness that will truly me allow me to have a lifestyle instead of a chore.

When I put into perspective why it is that I have such huge, failure prone dreams…they become less scary and more awesome which makes them all goals worth working towards.


Another thing to ask yourself, but NOT to dwell on: What’s the worse thing that can happen if I fail?

One of the hardest things to keep in mind is that I may fail. In fact, I probably will somewhere along the line. But does that mean I’m just a failure and I should give up? If I had to take a guess, I’d say no.

So what if I do miss a step in the UK university process, or my blog doesn’t take off as well as I want it to, or something really does go terribly wrong? What is the worst case scenario? Will I be miserable? Will the world end? Will I suck at life forever? Will I be 42 years old, naked, in a bean bag chair, eating Cheetos? Chances are, the answer is also, no.

Keeping in mind that failing doesn’t actually make me a failure puts SO much in perspective. I have loads to gain from trying and only succeeding in half of my ventures and so much to lose from just giving up now. I have nothing to fear, because even the worst case scenario is still pretty good, so why not risk it and shoot for the best case scenario?

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.39.03 AM

Last but not least, what is my overall goal for life?

My biggest fear is getting to the end of my life and feeling regret for the things I didn’t do, and the people I didn’t love enough. I don’t want to sit in a hospital bed (or wherever I am when I go) and think about how much I wanted to travel Europe but I never did because I was scared, or how much I loved my first love but I gave up on my ‘once in a lifetime’ because sometimes it hurt to love him. I want to live life to the fullest because I only have one. My overall goal is to do everything I love, and to find my happiness with the ones I love.

At the end of the day, I want to be a wife, a mother, and a lover of the life I have created/been given. If I can do that, there is no failure or regret, only happiness, and that’s all I could ever ask for.



Happy, Healthy, and Freakin’ Fabulous


It’s been about a week since I began the Whole 30 (discussed in previous blog), and I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy. An entire week of clean eating which basically means no legumes, no dairy, no added sugar. That doesn’t sound too crazy until you realize those three things are literally in EVERYTHING. Salad dressing, protein bars (makes post workout a real challenge),  and obviously…all things yummy. It sounds intense, and it was… but I do have a few tips for surviving the first week.

Tip 1: Get all the crap out

Make your kitchen a temptation free zone. Don’t set yourself up for disaster by having bagels, ice cream, and all things junk food hanging around your house. Anything you can shove in your face during a moment of weakness (cupcakes) has got to go!

Tip 2: Go shopping for the good stuff


Few things in life make me quite as happy as planning and making list (It’s a problem), so this part excites me just a little bit too much. Making a little bit of an ordeal out of planning and shopping will take the guess work out of clean eating, and anything that makes it easier is a huge plus! So plan meals that actually sound appetizing, write out a list of everything you’ll need for said yummy-ness, stick to it, and avoid buying any tempting foods.

Tip 3: Get your hands on some Your Tea, Tiny Tea.


Seriously. You have probably seen this tea somewhere on instagram, as a magical tea all the fitspo girls drink. It sounds like one of those gimmicky diet teas that just makes you lose 10 pounds due to pooping your intestines out…but it’s not. This tea was a life saver this week as it really works with your digestive system to cut cravings, increase energy, decrease bloat, and clear up your skin. It is the Speaking of .com, go to and get some, you will thank me during this Whole 30 hell week.

Tip 4: Get excited about good food.

It’s easy to get bored with clean eating, but there is a way to switch things up a little bit. Go to the farmers market, go to  cool restaurants that offer clean food (they are out there), and/or try new (semi insane) recipe.

Perfect example of this: I went to on a little field trip to a family farm to pick up a massive amount of fresh strawberries. They were picked that morning, super tiny, and SO sweet. They basically became lunch and snack and dessert and…you get the point. They were just strawberries, but something about doing something special to get them made the whole fruit loving ordeal, way more exciting.


Tip 5: Remember you do not have super powers.

Chances are, you are not eating nearly as many carbs as you were before and that changes things. And by things, I mean workouts. This diet requires a pretty serious cut to the major energy source known as carbohydrates which can make exercise a hell like experience if you don’t plan ahead. You are not super human, and you cannot workout on broccoli alone. I made the mistake of running for half an hour and lifting for a full hour, which, long story short lead to a full on barf feast. It was attractive, let me tell ya.

Tip 6: Avoid cravedom.

There is literally nothing worse than being struck by a craving AND boredom (let’s call this cravedom). Cravedom is a recipe for disaster. Stay. Busy.

I read, walked, kayaked, went to the gym, called a friend, braided hair, went for a drive…you name it, I did it. Boredom is my worst enemy and after letting it get the best of me once, I avoided it at all cost for the rest of this week. I’m really glad I did this…Being on a mission to stay busy led me to some pretty awesome adventures, such as my first kayaking trip…

Image Image

WAY better than cravedom. So go explore something… it will keep you from spartan kicking everyone and/or devouring ice cream.

Tip 7: Cheat.

Yep. That’s right. The Whole 30 program says that if you cheat you should start over from day one. Um, no. Although I see their point as far as breaking bad habits, and living a healthier lifestyle…I also see my point as far enjoying life and not torturing yourself.

Now, I have never been a junk eater, it wasn’t how I was raised, and I never developed a love for crappy food. However, I am very much so the girl that always wants what I can’t have. That to say, I am fine with eating completely clean, I enjoy it 95% of the time, but every once in a while…this girl NEEDS ice cream. By day five, I was becoming the ice cream seeking monster. So what did I do?

First…I panicked because I was on the Whole 30 and cheating meant starting over. So I denied myself, because quitting is for quitters. Later in that day I found myself sitting in the park (avoiding cravedom), hating on my body for not allowing me to enjoy food without being a fat slob, AND contemplating how bad it would be to punch a five year old in the face and steal his ice cream. This kind of made me realize that I was depriving myself way too much and I was no longer just craving, I was obsessing and frustrating the crap out of myself.

I bought the ice cream, a box of cones, had a very clean day of eating, kayaked for like 23 hours, and ended my day with a nice, mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.


It was a magical experience. I was seeing ponies, and rainbows and life was better. I wasn’t shaming myself. I knew that one cone was going to be flippin’ amazing and I was not actually going to turn into a hunk of lard over one serving of ice cream.

Cheat. Go ahead, just make sure to follow through with tip 8.

Tip 8: Don’t go insane, get back on that train! (yep, that rhymes…you’re welcome)

I do believe you should cheat a bit, but at the same time, you do have to get back on the train. If you can’t handle having one bad meal and then following it up with another week or month of clean eating, I would really consider not cheating very often.

So if you’re dying and you need to give in a little, have something small (under 400 calories or so) at the end of a good week. If you can hold out, treat yourself to that burger and fries (800-1000 calories) at the end of a good month. I know that sounds a bit insane, but trust me, it will keep you on the wagon for more than five days and/or your first real craving, unless of course, the first sentence applies to you.



I am proud to say my post cheat meal was two eggs with salsa and sliced avocado. I successfully quenched my ice cream thirst, and today the Whole 30 is my best friend again. It’s called moderation, and it is a B-E-A-UUUTIFUL thing.

Tip 9: Enjoy life. The most important part of it all.

Food is meant to be enjoyed, life is meant to be enjoyed, and both can be done in good health. Love your body before you love a diet or the gym. Those things are meant to better you, not to make you a slave to them. You’ve only got one  body, so treat it kindly and it will return the favor.

I will never be stick thin, and maybe that’s because I need ice cream once a week and I’ve got the metabolism of a lasagna noodle. But I would rather indulge my love of mint chocolate chip ice cream and enjoy life, than be a cranky bitch who hates on my naturally curvacious body and wants to punch five year olds all day. I’ve been at my “goal” weight and I’ve been at my “okay” weight (where I am now), and honestly… I prefer my “okay” weight. People still  love me, hot guys still think I’m  hot, I still feel like a curvy boss in my bathing suits, and I enjoy ice cream from time to time without the need to guilt myself into going to the gym for three hours (that’s not an exaggeration).

It’s not always about skinny(especially if you’re not naturally that way), sometimes it’s just about happy, healthy, and freakin’ sexy.






Are You A Psychotic Girlfriend? (or boyfriend)

No for real, are you nuts? I know it sounds a bit weird to ask, but after a little self examination, I’m starting to think it is a valid question, especially for myself.


In a section of the #powersheets (see previous post), I got to the section where you are meant to state all of the significant things that have happened in the last year, both good and bad. Naturally, the very first thing on my “what has not been working in the last year” list was quite obviously my relationship, or lack thereof. That was easy to put at the top of the list. What wasn’t easy was then using that moment and filling out the “lessons I learned from what didn’t work” list.

This particular section tore me up for a few days. What lesson could I have possibly learned other than I will never date again, boys suck, and I should probably start picking up stray cats because only they can love me? After much consideration, I came to the conclusion that I was slap the hell out of my mind. Yep, ya heard me…insane. As far as I was concerned, I was the perfect girlfriend, until I thought about it… They say it takes two to tango, so it was time to face the music and find where I was stepping on his toes.

Turns out I was doing more of a flamenco, on both of his feet, all the time.

I may not have stalked him or blown up his car, because I’m not actually crazy (not in that sense anyway), but if you’ve ever looked back on a relationship and wondered how it all fell apart.. ask yourself these questions:

Were/are you insecure?


I know that everyone has their insecurities, but you have to really look back and ask yourself if those insecurities were/are crippling. In my case, they were and I didn’t even realize it. This is the part where you think…yeah, so what, I was insecure, he’s not my diary, why does he care, what does it even matter? The answer: It matters more than you give it credit for. In my case, being insecure made me a sponge for his affection and acceptance. That doesn’t sound too bad until you get to the part where I would lose my skittles whenever he would go ten minutes without singing my praises. For two years he paid the price for my bass ackwards way of thinking about myself.

Insecurity can cause people to do some pretty insane things. If provoked, insecurity can cripple a person, and being in a relationship doesn’t automatically fix that. As a matter of fact, it kind of makes it worse because now you have ten million other things to be insecure about. Does he love me? Does he see a future with me? Are we really going to work? Where is this going? Why hasn’t he texted me? Is he cheating on me? Does he think that girl is prettier than me? Does he even think I’m pretty? Why isn’t he answering the phone? He’s the only one that will ever love me. He’s mad at me therefore we are breaking up. I really don’t want him to leave me…. It looks pretty ridiculous on paper, but if you’re honest with yourself and find that this is or was your mind…STOP. Seriously. You are insane. Not Charles Manson insane. More of like a, you’re going to rip a lot of relationships into shreds because you can’t get over yourself, insane.

Solution? Love yourself. That’s it. Fall madly and deeply in love with who you are right now. Not ten pounds from now, not fifty pounds of makeup from now, not after that job promotion,RIGHT NOW. If you can’t do that, don’t be in a relationship, because no other person can be responsible for making you love yourself. If you find someone you love that loves you right back, don’t torture them by giving them the task of constantly reassuring you because you’re brain looks like an R. Kelly video. Your insecurity is not their fault, but it will become their responsibility, and no human can do that “forever and always.” You will find that as soon as you start telling yourself that you are attractive, intelligent, funny, kind, and loving, life and your relationship will become a better place, and you can officially scratch psycho, clingy partner of your résumé.


Second question: Are you/were you unhappy?


I’m sure you’ve heard the whole, you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else, speech, yeah? Well…it’s legit, run with that ish. An unhappy person tends to make everyone miserable, and/or they become dependent on their significant other for their happiness. Misery probably is one of the most contagious emotions there is, and in the close emotional quarters you and your partner are in together (aka a relationship), it’s only a matter of time before you take them down with you.

Think about it: Have you ever listened to an entire Taylor Swift/Adele album and walked away ready to go to Mardi Gras? Um, no. You’re probably ready to jump off a cliff while singing their catchy, yet morose lyrics. That kind of misery can seep through your headphones, what makes you think it can’t seep into your relationship?

The sad part of this whole thing is…relationships are dangerous, falling in love can mask a huge amount of unhappiness, but not because you’ve actually become happy. In reality, your partner just became responsible for your happiness, and it’s only a matter of time before they’re listening to Adele in the fetal position too…oooor they leave you, like any non-miserable, healthy person would do. Getting married, having babies, and growing old with someone is not a process to take on if you can’t be in your own mind, because as much as everyone likes to think that is the ultimate happiness, it can be the ultimate misery if you aren’t happy to your core.


Annnnd I think I actually just figured out why Taylor Swift has had 3,012 boyfriends in the last five years. I’m a genius, someone email this to Taylor. You’re welcome.

Solution? Get happy. Keep a journal, blow bubbles, watch you tube videos of high squirrels, dance around naked (works like a charm), people watch at Walmart, get some counseling, see if Oprah can help…I don’t really care, just do something that makes YOU happy.


Last but no least in the are you a psychotic girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse panel… are you emotionally independent?

Who is responsible for your happiness? Who is responsible for your self worth? Who do you NEED in your life to be content? If you answered anything but ‘me,’ you may just be a psychotic partner, and you are most definitely setting yourself up for devastation. If you are not happy with yourself, if you cannot love yourself, if you cannot control any of your own emotions or decisions, what makes you think anybody else can? It doesn’t matter how much they love you. If you can’t be your own person and live your own life, your significant other has no option but to disappoint you. No one is perfect, they will make mistakes, and if your emotional well being relies on your partners opinion of you, you’re going down like a lead balloon, sister.

All of this to say, there isn’t a universal solution, just pull it together before you get in a relationship or before it falls apart. I wish somebody would have asked me if I was psycho before I had to learn that I was in fact, a raving lunatic, in the most difficult way possible…the end.


I’ve learned to be happy on my own, I’ve learned to dream for myself, I’ve learned that I am freakin’ stupendous without changing a thing, and most importantly, I learned to truly love myself, and let me tell you, it’s so liberating. Now I know that if things go as I want them to with my special someone, I will be who I need to be. I will be happy and he will just make me happier, he will become a part of my dreams, not the foundation of them, I will believe him when he says I’m the, and I will love myself just as much, if not more than he loves me. It changed my life and it’s only getting better.




Aforementioned Adventures Revealed



I’ve been throwing the words “upcoming adventures” into parts of my post, and I think it’s about time I go on a little bit about what I mean.

About a month ago, I began to realize that I have grown up and learned so much in a time I also consider to be on of the most painful I’ve ever experienced. After that realization, I spent quite awhile wondering what I was going to do with all my new found lessons. As it turns out, actually applying the lessons to my life was the best course of action. The biggest question became: How?

Long story short, I am in Idaho with one of my best friends who is on a similar mission, and the lesson applying has begun. During the day I work on health and fitness with the help of training and the Whole 30 (see details below), and by night I work on the more emotional side by working on my Power Sheets (also more detailed below) and writing anything and everything that comes to mind.

What is the Whole 30? If you ask me, it is a self induced torture that involves eating completely clean for thirty days NO CHEAT DAYS (or you have to start all over again) a.k.a. torture. But in reality, it’s a pretty hardcore sugar, legume, and dairy free month that I really think all people should do some variation of, at least once.

If you’re brave, and/or tired of being fat, sluggish, moody, and willing to give it a go, their site has everything you’ll need to get started, including LOADS of shopping list, recipes, and information about all things clean eating.


This is probably the most boring post I will ever make, buuuut I’m trying to lay some foundation here people, so bear with me.

Next on the agenda is the Power Sheets, a brilliant system, created by Lara Casey for the sole purpose of having a heart-to-heart with yourself and planning your future based on your own personal visions and learned lessons I couldn’t have discovered these power sheets at a better time. I’m only a few days in and I’m already impressed with the realizations it has brought me.



Last on this whole personal renovation, is exercise. That has no fancy published routine, instead I will leave that in the hands of my trainer, and she knows me well enough to switch that up every day. I will keep you all updated on my life. I promise the rest of this will be more interesting, I just wanted to give credit where credit was due for the awesome things I expect to happen this summer.

Now on a real note, before you start thinking I have supernatural self control:

This video perfectly explains my sentiments towards the key lime pie sitting in the fridge..You’re welcome.

I will now focus on being less of a bore for my next post.  The foundation of what I’m doing, and the huge accountability factor of you all being able to see this was much needed, so thank you for slightly judging me. xx


What A Year Can Change


2013-08-14 21.41.14


Hello! I am Lucy, a girl just trying to fall in love with life and myself.

That might sound a bit strange, but bear with me…

I was madly in love with an English guy, and it was time for our semi-annual visit (love does crazy things). Anyway, on June 13th, 2013, (almost a year ago, exactly) I was about to take off for a summer I would never forget. I was flying away from the lonely desert, otherwise known as my new home in Dallas, Texas, and I was landing in London, a place I could only dream to call home, with my very own dream come true, Simon.

Simon was my life for a year and a half prior to this trip, and during that trip he became even more than that. Over the next two months we were inseparable as we learned everything there was to know about each other. We had a few ups and downs in that time, but it seemed that every ‘down’ just made me love him more, and every ‘up’ made me realize that there was no one in the world I wanted to share life with but him. I left that summer knowing that I was going to marry that boy, just as soon as we weren’t so far apart….

Turns out, that “just as soon as,” was the end of a two year fairytale. From the other side of the world, our ups and downs just became downs, and we both lost sight of what we were fighting for. December 4, 2013, it all cracked and  Simon broke my heart in ways I never knew it could. It almost hurt more because I knew he was doing it for all the right reasons. Our relationship had become more bad than good. He was changing and growing, I just wanted things to stay as they were, and we were no longer the fairytale I had always dreamed we’d be.

The day he broke up with me just so happen to be the week before I was meant to fly back to London for another semi-annual trip. I was heartbroken, but I decided to go anyway. He kicked and screamed, and was willing to pay for my flight just to keep me home… but I know him, I know me, and I knew staying home was a terrible idea.

Long story short, we spent that Christmas remembering just what it was that kept us going for the last two years. We connected, we agreed on most major life decisions, we could have conversations for hours on end, he completed me, and I completed him. That goodbye was the most bittersweet moment I have ever experienced. We parted ways knowing that if I was ever in London, or he was ever in the US, we would live happily ever after, no questions asked. Honestly, he’d probably propose at the airport! It’s that serious people!

All that backpedaling to say: Life has been pretty miserable. Having the one person you know can make you happy forever on the other side of the planet does that to a girl. We still talk, still exchange words of affection, and if you asked me, I love him more today than I did last year.

June 12, 2014, a year after the start of it all, I am still loving my boy, but I am determined to love life again too. I may not be spending the summer with my love, (no matter how much I wish I was) but I do have the summer to better myself in every way.

This blog is not going to be some never ending sob fest (like the last six months of my life have been), it will the story of a girl who falls in love with life, and herself! I am determined to rebuild who I am and how I feel about myself through health, fitness, beauty, fashion, academics (I’m a college student) and even traveling when the time is right. I still love Simon, this isn’t a break up blog, or a sad story…this is me, becoming the best version of myself, for myself.

I hope you’ll join along…it might be a bumpy road.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.45.14 AM