Aforementioned Adventures Revealed



I’ve been throwing the words “upcoming adventures” into parts of my post, and I think it’s about time I go on a little bit about what I mean.

About a month ago, I began to realize that I have grown up and learned so much in a time I also consider to be on of the most painful I’ve ever experienced. After that realization, I spent quite awhile wondering what I was going to do with all my new found lessons. As it turns out, actually applying the lessons to my life was the best course of action. The biggest question became: How?

Long story short, I am in Idaho with one of my best friends who is on a similar mission, and the lesson applying has begun. During the day I work on health and fitness with the help of training and the Whole 30 (see details below), and by night I work on the more emotional side by working on my Power Sheets (also more detailed below) and writing anything and everything that comes to mind.

What is the Whole 30? If you ask me, it is a self induced torture that involves eating completely clean for thirty days NO CHEAT DAYS (or you have to start all over again) a.k.a. torture. But in reality, it’s a pretty hardcore sugar, legume, and dairy free month that I really think all people should do some variation of, at least once.

If you’re brave, and/or tired of being fat, sluggish, moody, and willing to give it a go, their site has everything you’ll need to get started, including LOADS of shopping list, recipes, and information about all things clean eating.


This is probably the most boring post I will ever make, buuuut I’m trying to lay some foundation here people, so bear with me.

Next on the agenda is the Power Sheets, a brilliant system, created by Lara Casey for the sole purpose of having a heart-to-heart with yourself and planning your future based on your own personal visions and learned lessons I couldn’t have discovered these power sheets at a better time. I’m only a few days in and I’m already impressed with the realizations it has brought me.



Last on this whole personal renovation, is exercise. That has no fancy published routine, instead I will leave that in the hands of my trainer, and she knows me well enough to switch that up every day. I will keep you all updated on my life. I promise the rest of this will be more interesting, I just wanted to give credit where credit was due for the awesome things I expect to happen this summer.

Now on a real note, before you start thinking I have supernatural self control:

This video perfectly explains my sentiments towards the key lime pie sitting in the fridge..You’re welcome.

I will now focus on being less of a bore for my next post.  The foundation of what I’m doing, and the huge accountability factor of you all being able to see this was much needed, so thank you for slightly judging me. xx



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