Healthy, Kid friendly, Breakfast


What if I said that you could make a breakfast you will love, and children will fight over, while only using the foods on this plate?

Yesterday morning, I decided to give the two ingredient (egg and banana) pancakes a try after hearing about them on Amelia Liana’s blog. After a successful test run, I decided to experiment with other mushy fruits I could use to spice them up a bit. Adding berries, and a hint of cinnamon resulted in a version of the banana and egg pancake that I loved, and ending up making for my friend’s children.

I made a bunch of small batches to keep things simple and food processor free, which is great if you’re me and not super concerned about cooking for a family. However, this morning I decided to increase the recipe size once the youngins’ decided they wanted in.


What you’ll need:

8 eggs

4 medium to large bananas

1 cup of your choice of berries (the mushier the better)

1 tsp of cinnamon

Your choice in pancake syrup (we used honey)

Optional: 3 tbs of flour (any type of flour) and 1tsp of baking powder just in case your mixture isn’t bonding the way it should.

Serves 4

Step 1: Mash up (process) all the fruit

By willing, I mean...give them a dollar.

It’s that simple. Take your berries (we used raspberries and blueberries) and your bananas, pop them into the food processor, and blend them up… or let a child that loves pulverizing things take care of the mashing process.

I had the assistance of some little hands to do it, which was fun for her, but not so fun when it came time to cook them because the mix does need to be extremely smooth.

Step 2: Add eggs

Once you have a nice fruit puree,  add the eggs and cinnamon, and give a quick spin with the processor.


I wasn't kidding when I said puree
I wasn’t kidding when I said puree

Step 3: Cook them up

I like to use coconut oil

Yes, seriously, it’s that easy.

I prefer coconut oil for it’s health benefits, but vegetable oil or butter will do the trick. Cook them on a low flame, and flip when the top only has a little jiggle to it (I really don’t know how to put that any better), and the bottom is completely cooked.

You do have to be careful with what you add because the ingredients form a pretty delicate balance. However, if you do find that the pancakes aren’t binding, you can always add in the flour and baking soda mentioned in the ingredients list.

Step 4: Top with berries and syrup of choice.


Or if you just so happen to have an awesome seven year old around, let her do the topping.


Step 5: Enjoy, and be prepared to make more!

Eggs, and your favorite fruit make some pretty delicious pancakes. These are super yummy, and way more flavorful than the plain two ingredient recipe. I hope you enjoy these as much as we did!


P.S. I’ll back back to my blogging self later on this week, but please feel free to give me any ideas for what you’d like my take on next.







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