A Wake Up Call

Do you feel it is impossible to lose weight? Have you counted endless amount of calories? Do you feel like you can breath too close to a doughnut and gain weight? Have you struggled through every popular diet you have ever heard of and failed miserably?

If you’re anything like me, you agreed with at least one of those statements. If you are, I would highly recommended you watch Fat Head. It really changed my entire perspective on most things health related.

This documentary will give you an in depth view on the real problems (excess carbohydrates, unnatural foods, etc…) we face with health and weight loss, especially in America. Things touted as healthy, can actually be sabotaging your success, I know they’ve pulverized my weight loss goals multiple times.

Give this documentary a chance to change your views on food, and possibly give you the key to your own health goals.

You can thank me later xx


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