An Attitude of Gratitude

Well guys, life has been good. So good, that I may have slightly run out of sappy, soap box type, inspirational post.  Like I mentioned in my last post, some of my best writing comes in times of sadness and growth. Because I am currently over-the-moon happy…I have no real pull to write one of my Lucy-esque type blog post, but instead, I will share with you why it is that I am so happy.

Not quite all of this...but you get the idea
Not quite all of us…but you get the idea

Reason I am happy number 1: I am home with my family.

As you all know, I was away from home for about a month, and in that time I truly got to appreciate just how wonderful my family is. We step on each others toes, it’s ALWAYS loud, and sometimes the very thing I love about them all, kind of makes me homicidal…But we are a family. When we gather around the table on Friday night and mention each other in prayer, before sitting down for a family meal, I am reminded of just how fortunate I am. When I wake up to a delicious (and low carb because she is that considerate) breakfast made by my mother, I am reminded of how fortunate I am. Even the sound of my siblings shouting at each other as they argue over the television makes me feel just a bit more grateful.

They drive me up the freakin’ wall 90% of the time.. but after being away for a month, all I can think about is the fact that this won’t last forever. One day I’ll be far from home wishing we could all meet around the table, craving some of my mom’s random egg concoction that she makes me every morning, and when I sit in my very first apartment that is so quiet you could hear a pin drop, I’ll miss the chaos that was “tv time.”

I am a very fortunate girl. On top of all the other blessings I have been given, I also have five people who are always ready to smother me in love with a splash of insanity.


Reason I am happy number 2: My love life looks less like a horror flick.

As a matter of fact, it’s kind of starting to look more like one of those movies Nicholas Sparks wrote while he was PMSing/MANS-truating (sorry Nick).

But in all seriousness, we are great, and life is bright. Our little break in the action helped us grow as people, and in a weird way, together. We have had some serious heart-to-heart conversations over the last couple of days, and even the heated ones (I am very passionate when I argue) have just given me more reason to believe that he is the one…my one.

We are both terribly aware of how quickly things can change and just go completely wrong… but I’d like to think about what happens if it doesn’t. We have stayed madly in love against the odds associated with an ocean between us, young love in general, and a break up. If we can get through that, I’m willing to take my chances with the rest.

I was fortunate enough to learn the lessons I did from being apart, without actually losing my first love. That may change, but for now…I’ve got butterflies…and right or wrong, I am grateful for it.


Reason I am happy number 3: I’m meeting my goals

At the beginning of the last school year, I was really down on myself. After four years of homeschooling, I was terrified to begin my first year of college. I was convinced that I was no longer the hardworking smart girl, but instead the average, just enough effort to not fail girl…and the average girl I had become wasn’t going to be able to study abroad or be accepted into big fancy schools in other parts of the world.

Well, somewhere a long the line, I proved myself wrong. I am now through my first year of college, with a 4.0 GPA, and a recent induction into the honors society. That has opened doors that I would have never imagine possible. With a little help from the big man, a little faith in myself, and A LOT of hard work…I became the smart girl version of myself that I thought was lost forever.

I went from being a beaten puppy who was terrified to dream big, to an honors student who took those big scary dreams, and turned them into big, attainable goals. With as much work and growing as it required from myself, I am grateful, because I couldn’t have actually done this all on my own.

I am so very fortunate it makes running out of awesome things to write about worth it (almost). But I will be back at it this weekend, as my happiness has inspired just a few, I’m so thankful, type writings.

Thank you all for reading, as you are all something I am grateful for as well.

Much love,

Lucy still loving life xx


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