Eight Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Fifteen (VLOG EDITION!!!!)

1. Friends come and go

Don’t let it tear you up inside. There is nothing wrong with you, this is a natural step. Anybody that is meant to be in your life, will be. I know that sounds super clique, but it is so true.

2. Boys your age have no sense (but eventually they will)

Boys mature much slower than girls, so there isn’t really anything wrong with them, they just aren’t all there. Not to fear though, they will eventually grow up and become awesome. They don’t really grow up until about 25 (so they say), but some of them do start to grow some sense at around 18/19ish. It will eventually happen! Just don’t freak out!

3. If you’re unhappy alone, no boy can fix that

I mean, this is pretty self-explanatory…but if you need me to elaborate, please read this.

4. “Focus on yourself isn’t just another cliche

This isn’t all about school and careers…. Find out who you are. Find your strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, etc… Once you find out what those things are, work with them, master them, and make them work for you instead of letting them rule you.

5. You have A LOT to learn

You may feel you know everything…buuut you don’t, and that is a good thing. You are young and inexperienced, but that experience will come and you will understand this point completely.

At 19, I am fully aware that I don’t know everything, and it’s liberating…you should try it some time. You don’t have it all figured out, but that’s okay. Acknowledge it,  go on with life knowing that you will learn a lot, and enjoy the ride.

6. You will have to deal with heartbreak at some point.

Heartbreak is not a bad word. It hurts, and you may cry yourself to sleep quite a bit…but you will grow so much.

It does suck, I can’t deny that…but don’t be scared of it. Just love without worrying about the heartbreak and remember that nothing good or bad last forever.

7. Everything will work out right

Put down the list, stop freaking out, everything will be okay! Failure happens, and things will not always go the way you plan. I wrote about this topic as the A Type girl that just loves to know. I encourage you to just slow down, smell the roses, and enjoy this time in your life.

8. ENJOY this time!

Like I said in the last tip…ENJOY BEING YOUNG. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, go to college, move out, get married, blah blah blah. Those things will happen, and not enjoying yourself until it’s all going the way you want it to…wrong! This will just make you a miserable person. Live in the moment,  you only have one life to live, so love it all!

SECRET TIP: “Perfection” won’t bring you love.

As a matter of fact, this is the very status where I realised this:

“I wish someone would’ve told me when I was younger that perfection doesn’t bring you love. You can have the perfect body, a beautiful face, a brilliant mind, talent coming out of your eyeballs, a great personality, and a heart of gold that will love that boy like no one in this world can or will… But if he’s not the one, there is nothing you can say or do that will convince him of your worth. It‘d be a much better use of your time and energy to continue being the amazing woman that you are and let the man you’re meant to be with come to you than to feed pearls to the swine. He’ll realize that he should’ve given you the world one day, but by then you’ll already have it from someone who deserves everything you are.”

I think this says it all. Don’t become the “perfect” girl, become who you want to be, it will get you MUCH farther.


Thanks reading/watching! Make sure to give me some feedback on what you think of this type of post!


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