This Talent Is Wasted On Me

Yeah, I said it. I have a talent that most people see as a blessing, and as I sit here wondering why I was chosen to have it, I feel like I have some how wasted a G-d given gift.

For those of you who don’t know (and most of you probably don’t), I can sing. I’m not just talking about a Christina Aguilera cover type singing, but classically/operatically trained singing. I can belt it out y’all.  As a matter of fact, my voice is the only thing I am 100% confident in. You can say I’m the worst person that has ever lived, and I may believe you…but nobody can tell me that I’m not at least a little talented in the vocal department.

Anyway, now that I’m done tooting my own horn, let’s get to the point…

I went for a walk with my mom the other night and she said “I miss your voice. Unfortunately (because I never do it), it’s one of the things that makes me genuinely happy.”

Her words hit me. I miss my voice too. It takes power to sing the way I am trained to, and sometimes…okay…all the time, I miss it. The feeling after every performance, even if just for myself, makes me feel unstoppable.

I’m not training, I refuse to be a secular artist, my voice is useless in my place of worship, theater wasn’t working out for me, and singing in my garage to keep me from going mad is no longer a real option in this Dallas heat… there is nothing… I feel like a waste of talent. My voice, it’s power, the rush that comes with knowing I am capable of such a thing… It’s a huge waste, and sometimes I resent it.

I resent the fact that I have a talent some people would kill for. I resent that I have a talent that is purposeless. I resent being saddled with the burden of finding a purpose for a talent I didn’t ask for, that continues to haunt me with it’s uselessness.

I haven’t trained my voice since I was 15, and some days I feel like I might wake up and realize it’s no longer there. I have no reason to use my voice, and yet I’m terrified of losing it.

I know I sound like an ungrateful cry-baby…and you’re probably right, but sometimes I wish I knew life before feeling this tremendous pressure to find a purpose for a talent that seems like both a blessing and a curse. People are always telling me not to waste my talent, and sometimes, I just wish I knew what they meant.

Is my voice a waste? Everything is meant to happen for a reason, but in this case I’m left wondering if my voice isn’t categorized under “everything.”

What do you think? Can you sympathize with this in any aspect of your life? Am I the biggest cry-baby in the world?  Let me know! I would really love some insight, and maybe even some words of encouragement.

Much love,

Lucy Loves Life xx


Crazy Week, Happy Girl

Well guys, school has started, and life is officially back to the hectic, stressful, and super exciting state otherwise known as the beginning of the semester. If school weren’t enough I had a random date that went a bit wonky, a massive realization, a few butterflies in my tummy, and spark of motivation I so desperately needed. With all of this excitement and stress, I haven’t had very much time to write my usual Lucy-esque post. However I have decided, that today I will just do a little break down of what has been going on this week in a very scatter brained but effective manner.



First on the list of crazy, is school!

The semester has officially begun, and I can’t be more excited! This semester is a big one, as a matter of fact, by the end of it, I will be done with my applications to the UK universities of my choice (scary right?!). In that time I have to retake my SATs including three subject test, CLEP out of biology, and manage my current work load, along with my newly found honors work load. To say I am busy…well, that is an understatement. I can’t help but be excited though. It is the time I have been waiting for since I first decided studying abroad was what I wanted to do!


Getting my mojo back!

I’m feeling good. I’ve started to put effort into who I am again. I care about myself  for me, not other people, and I think that’s a wonderful way to live. I’ve got a long, beautiful life to live, and there is no point in ruining it because it doesn’t look exactly as I planned it would. I’ve been dressing  up, getting pretty, watching what I eat, and just really caring about Lucy, for Lucy. It’s great.

Thinking leads to smiles…. This weeks realizations:

  • Dating is scary
  • Dating makes me slightly uncomfortable
  • I believe in soul mates
  • I am capable of anything
  • School is my happy place
  • I am sort of an enigma (not in a bad way)
  • Life is too short to take anything to seriously
  • I’m finally smart on paper
  • Colin didn’t hate me

This randomness needs to come to an end

Well…this post was random, scattered brained, and slightly nonsensical post, but to be honest, those three words also explain this week!

However, when life slows down this weekend I will sharing a pretty cool vlog all about  my pretty head scarves, a blog about what I do to maintain my success in school, and maybe even a little splash of traveling adventures! What do you want to see first? Let me know!

Much love,

Lucy Loves Life so much she can barely type a sentence xx


Move In the Right Direction

So, if you have been following my blog for the last couple of days and you like many of my followers are thinking, ‘Man, Lucy must be having a rough week…” I’m here to tell you that you’re right. I don’t remember the last time I felt as low as I do right now. My self esteem is in the toilet, and that seems to be tainting everything else.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.23.46 AM

I have lost myself. I have lost the dressed-to-the-nines, stiletto wearing, wild haired woman that I once was. I was known for the “swag” in my walk, my need to be slightly over dressed, and my class with a splash of sass. Men with sculpted figures and stunning English accents fawned over me and thought I was the best thing since sliced bread, and some how I have lost that. Somehow I don’t feel beautiful anymore, not even to myself.

Anyway, this is not a sad post, but one of change and positive adjustments. My life is at a bit of a stand still, but I plan on taking whatever steps I can to find myself again. I may hate my current circumstances, but I can’t let my hate become who I am. With that being said, join me in my small effort towards a positive change, starting with the three things I am going to change right now.

1. I am going to appreciate what I have in the present

In reality, life is actually pretty upside down at the moment. However, I’ve decided that it is time to see the things in my life that are going extremely well. “Things” being my huge, massive, unbelievably scary dream of going to university overseas. In the last couple of weeks it has become a thousand times less scary, as counselors and peers have walked into my life, and given me the confidence to tackle this overwhelming process, head first. It is all coming together so beautifully, and for that, I am grateful.

2. I am going to find my give-a-damn

It sounds dramatic, but changing the way I dress, changed me…for the worse. I traded in my pencil skirts and well fitted (but never tight) dresses for floor length maxi skirts, baggy blouses, and apparently my sense of give-a-damn. I lost my fight to eat well, exercise, and all other forms of caring for myself. There used to be a time when I carried myself like a boss (for lack of a better word), and I need to get that back. Extreme modesty (especially considering I’ve always been pretty modest) has sucked the life out of me and it time to find a balance. I need to care about what I look like, I need to care about what other people see when they look at me, and I need my sparkle back.

So guy, I am on a mission to get my give-a- damn back. I need my confidence, I need my self esteem, and I need to get rid of the gray cloud hanging over my life, otherwise known as insecurity.

3. I’m going to stop mourning my old life, and work on incorporating it into my current life.

The truth of the matter is, I can’t have my old life back. I was well dressed and confident because I was traveling, I was surrounded by people very similar to myself, and constantly being pulled together and presentable was the rule not the exception. Now…I am a student in a sleepy town and my social circles no longer consist of those types of people (but they are just as wonderful).

Sooo life will never be as it was (and sometimes that’s a good thing)… but I can get my spark back, I can dress the way I did, gain the confidence I had back, and get my swagger back. I can have that and still enjoy the good things I have now, that I didn’t have then.

Hopefully this un-poop-ifys my life, because, dude…I’m over this.  I know life is going to brighten up, it always does…but sometimes a girl needs a little game plan to get back to happy land, and hopefully this is mine. Thank you guys for sticking through this little rough patch of a week I’ve had. I will be back to spewing rainbows and flavored water recipes in no time.

Much love,

Lucy Loves Life (well, I’m working on it) xx

You’ve Paid Too Much

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.02.35 PM

Is there something wrong with me?!

I want a man to fall in love with my mind before there is any type of physical connection. I refuse to be that girl that throws myself on a drunk boy, and sometimes I wish I was capable of it. Sometimes that inability to be a part of the hook-up culture makes me feel like a prude.

Am I naïve for believing that I can cover my body, preserve my dignity, value my mind and still find love? Most of you would say no, but do me a favor and really think about that…. I’m starting to feel like my naïve way of thinking has landed me in a dark place, that I never thought I would be in.

I am feeling insecure, rejected, and almost unlovable since my sisters in respectable behavior seem to have left the club. I watched one of my friends have a few drinks and hand her dignity to a boy that had no feelings for her, another one go on serial “causal dates,” and the rest of them winning attention and relationships in ways I could never see myself doing.

In reality, I know those types of relationships are shallow and not worth the hype, but irrationally they make me feel horrible. I wonder, am I not funny enough? Am I not as pretty? Am I not sexy? Am I boring? Am I just doomed to play second fiddle to the drunk girl with a libido higher than her IQ? Is that all I’m worth? Do I have to choose my dignity over my love life?

Rationally, I know that I am pretty, intelligent, well-spoken, funny, definitely NOT a prude, and above all those things, I strive to be modest in every sense of the word. With my dress, with my actions, with words, I want to present myself as a lady in every aspect of my life.

I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I make off the wall comments, sometimes I can’t be bothered to put on a bra before returning a Redbox, and I have definitely done some pretty stupid things in the name of attention, but above all of those things, my dignity and my integrity are the foundation of who I am.

I want a man that is intelligent, well traveled (or at least cultured), ambitious, polite, and just an overall gentlemen. I strive to be the woman that type of man can be proud of. I want to be the woman whose class and integrity will impress his mother, whose intelligence and poise will please his father, and whose love and compassion will raise our children, not just a good time at a party or some girl he hooked up with once.

I thought that was the right way to do things…but yet here I am, asking myself, do I always have to feel this dark to stand by what I believe? Will I always be the girl at the party that cries herself to sleep because he didn’t choose me? Do I have to disappoint my parents, or myself in order to have the approval that comes with finally being “that girl”? Or will my choices pay off some day? Will I eventually be the girl that gets chosen? Will I get my good time turned happily ever after?

I’m not sure, and it is so easy to get discouraged, but my mom always said that if I had to sell myself to keep someone, I paid way too much. So I guess I will ignore that deep insecurity, avoid those parties and potentially damaging situations (nothing good can come out of them), and wait for the benefits of my choices to find me.

If you are feeling discouraged in any way, please feel free to email me, I would love to hear from you and exchange thoughts.

Much love,

Lucy Loves Life xx

Samuel David’s First Selfie

Well guys, I have fallen in love. He is bald, unemployed, and toothless, but I have fallen madly in love.

IMG_6124 IMG_6116

Baby Samuel was born at 6:54 on the morning of August 18th, and he is absolutely gorgeous. He has two proud sisters, a wonderful mom, and a very proud daddy, who gets to join in on the love from heaven.

IMG_6142 IMG_6157

This kid has one amazing story, but we will save that for another day.

I’d have to say that Baby Samuel easily makes it on to my list of all things happy. He has infected me with baby fever, and activated every mushy, hopeless romantic, baby lover switch in my body, but I am okay with that.

It is time to stop gushing, and leave you all with a little cuteness: Samuel’s first selfies .

IMG_6139 IMG_6140

Huge congrats to Tina and the rest of the Stawski’s. He is so beautiful.

Thanks for reading, I should be back to my normal self in no time lol!

Much love,

Lucy Loves Life, and baby Samuel xx

50 Things That Make Me Happy


So, yesterday was a bit of a doozy for me. It started off pretty terribly, and unfortunately, I never really bounced back. Having a bad day really bothers me because normally I can just get over it, but not yesterday. Yesterday my sad face was on for the whole day, and I kind of feel like it is sneaking in to today.

However, today is not going to be a sad blog. As a matter of fact, in attempt to cheer myself up, I am going to make a massive list of things that make me happy…Prepare yourself…

  • Getting dressed up
  • The mini freak out my dog has when I get home
  • Frankie Valli songs
  • Traveling (mega bonus points if it’s international)
  • “I love you”
  • Coffee scrubs
  • An intelligent conversation
  • A tiny pinch of flirting
  • School
  • A killer pair of heels
  • When my mom makes me breakfast
  • A good mani/pedi
  • When I get to have a “kid” moment
  • Feeling beautiful
  • Bubble baths that last long enough for me to have a glass of wine
  • Nurturing someone that I love
  • Flower bouquets. They make me feel loved, not sure why.
  • Cheat days
  • Those random nights my dog sleeps in my bed
  • The idea of going to school in England
  • An entire pack of gum
  • An amazing workout (with a friend, I hate working out alone)
  • Pinteresting future events
  • Beating writer’s block
  • English accents
  • Shopping with my mom
  • A good blog day
  • Singing when I know no one is listening (there is no pressure)
  • Butterflies in my stomach
  • Ice cream and chocolate
  • Beauty blogs/vlogs
  • Doing anything with someone that I love (including sky diving lol)
  • A genuine compliment
  • A day off after a long week
  • A kiss on the cheek or forehead
  • Outdoor activities (yes, really)
  • Preferably scenic cycling and kayaking
  • Sushi
  • A hug from someone I haven’t seen in a while
  • Small, kind gestures
  • A good laugh with my family.
  • Afternoon tea
  • A legit Facebook notification
  • Small steps towards big goals
  • Being with people that I can really be myself around
  • Psychology stuff
  • Baby smiles
  • Green tea
  • Answered prayers
  • Happily Ever Afters
I had to cut her face out, or she'd kill me
I had to cut her face out, or she’d kill me

There you have it, my list of 50 things that make me happy. So if you have an interest in turning my frown upside down today, feel free to send me flowers, chocolate, and a smiling baby.

What makes you happy? What can turn your day around? Do we have anything in common? Let me know!









Because You Asked For Real…

This is raw. Maybe too raw…but I’m hurt, and this is how I deal with it. It doesn’t make sense, I wrote it with tears in my eyes, and very little desire to edit any part of it, but you asked for real, so here it is.

I wasn’t designed to be criticized. I don’t think any woman is. I can’t speak for all of us, but I personally can’t take being criticized by the people or even just a person I love the most. When I truly love someone, their words cut me the deepest.

In reality, I can handle a verbal lashing from most anybody and I can very easily shake it off, but the slightest hint of disapproval from a family member or significant other can bring me to my knees. When I love someone, their opinion of me means more than that of any average Joe. I work to make them proud, and that criticism makes me feel like I have failed them some how.

No one in this world is harder on me than myself, but somehow the approval of those I love lessens the every day wounds I inflict on myself. Chances are, every criticism someone slaps me with, I’ve already brutally assaulted myself with numerous times, and hearing it from someone I love just pours salt in the wound.

I am a people pleaser with those that I care about. I very rarely let people in to that “circle of love” because people make mistakes, and they can be harsh, so it takes a long time before I give yet another person the ability to cut my self esteem.

If I love you, if I have fallen in love with you, please keep in mind that all I want to do is please you and make you proud of me. I want you to think I’m the best person in the world, because if I have given you the power to hurt me, I clearly think that way of you.

A bit of constructive criticism is necessary, but please remember that I think the world fell out of your pocket, and your words have the power to hurt me and break me down. If you have to criticize, please be gentle, and please give me a solution, because the idea of not being good enough for you with no potential redemption is crippling and slightly heartbreaking. It makes me want to rid you from my little love circle, because constantly disappointing you will eventually prove to be too much.

I know how much it hurts to be criticized, therefore I will never rake you over the coals for hurting me, because I don’t want to repeat the cycle. I just take it as a hit, and try to be better…what else can I do?

There are only about five of you that have this power, but chances are, one of you five is reading this. If I made the conscious decision to love you, and give your words power, please use them wisely, because you’ll never know how much they can help or hurt the image that I have of myself.

Use your words cautiously, because you are one of the five people in this world that have the ability to reinforce all of my insecurities. I am very hard on myself, so your praises may need reinforcement every once in a while, but your criticism will always linger within me.


Sorry for being so morose, but if you wanted real, you just got it.

Much love,

Lucy xx

The Pretty Girl Stereotypes (BUSTED!)

We have all seen the movies with the pretty girl that has it all. She is beautiful, sexy, well dressed, popular, in a relationship with some hunky dude, she pays people to do her dirty work (homework, test, job assignments, etc) because she is too stupid to do it, she always gets her way, and she never eats. If I had to name a movie off the top of my head, I would say Mean Girls is a pretty appropriate example of what I mean when I described the stereotypical pretty girl.

I am extremely over the misconceptions made about the “pretty girls.” I am guilty of assuming these things when I see girl I consider to be “too pretty,” but one day I woke up and realized I was that pretty girl. Before you carry on reading this thinking that I am full of myself…hear me out…

As a young girl, preteen/young teenager age, I didn’t have a whole lot going for me. I was always just a little bit too fat, my teeth were crazy, I had no idea what I was doing with my makeup, my sense of fashion was a train wreck, I wasn’t doing all that well in school, boys bullied me relentlessly (middle school jerktards), and my overall self confidence was garbage.

I used to watch the naturally skinny girls with clear skinned smiles who had the boys drooling over them as if they were the lepers. Immediately I attached the stereotypical, Mean Girls, pretty girl label on them, because it almost made me feel better to have a reason to hate myself, and them. I envied them, I wanted nothing more than to be the pretty girl, and then one day….

I lost loads of weight, got my braces off, watched endless makeup tutorials until I got it all right, learned to dress my figure, earned my perfect GPA, shut all those boys up, and learned to love myself. Oh. M. Gee. I became the pretty girl. I became the girl everyone loves to hate…and you know what…it sucks! It sucks, SO hard!

Why? Well, let’s examine the pretty girl stereotypes and destroy each one to fully discover why it is that I wish I had braces again….

1. Pretty girls get all the attractive guys.

WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. I remember feeling a bit irritated by an innocent comment made by one of the few pre-teens I have as a Facebook friend.


I posted this photo and she commented with “You’re so pretty Lucy. Tons of guys are probably head over heels for you!” I laughed…and then got angry as more and more people began to like her comment.

Why? Because part of me thought she should be right. Part of me thought “I look freakin’ hot today, and everybody who has ever seen Mean Girls knows I should be adored by every male that lays his eyes on me?!” But there I was, and the other part of me was thinking, adore me? Dude, I’ll take like me, or even speak to me.

My break up with Simon was fresh, and her comment poured salt in the massive wound that was my heart, because regardless of how pretty she thought I was, it wasn’t enough to make him love me. I felt pretty, and beautifully empty. My beauty didn’t buy me love, it really didn’t even buy me happiness. I busted the myth that pretty girls always get the guy, because in reality, at the height of my attractiveness, I was more alone than chubby/ugly/frumpy Lucy ever was.

I’ll go a step further and say that Simon fell in love with chubby/ugly/frumpy Lucy, and broke up with the pretty girl version.

2. Pretty girls have loads of friends


They say that every group of friends needs the ugly girl to make them all look better…well, I was the ugly friend. I was the ugly duckling in a pond full of swans. I thought I had loads of friends because I have a cool personality, but as I became the pretty girl, I realized that was not the case. I stopped being their charity case, and became the girl their boyfriends wanted to hang out with. My friends turned into “haters,” and I wasn’t quite sure what I had done.

Years later I realized that it had nothing to do with me. My personality didn’t change… I was still the overly weird girl, who wasn’t afraid to release my man laugh if the joke was good enough.  I just became a threat, and they began to tear me down and make me feel as if I was the problem.It was then I realized that I needed friends that were secure in themselves. I needed friends that would encourage me to blossom and reach my full potential.

I needed friends that would compliment my outfit, tell me I looked pretty, and be genuinely happy for me instead of spitting it through gritted teeth. It was and still is very hard for me to ever think anyone could be jealous of me (because I am still half Oompa Loompa in my mind) but after a few major hits to my self esteem, I began to realize that being pretty does not win you friendship, it brings jealously from most, and genuinely wonderful friendships from the rest.

As the pretty girl, I have less friends than I ever have, and I am happy with that. The friends I have now want to see me succeed,they want to see me happy, they build me up, and one by one, I add another genuinely wonderful and loving friend to my group, cautiously.

3. Pretty girls are stupid.

Same outfit, different day
Same outfit, different day

A few weeks ago, I met with the honors program coordinator at my college. I was bubbling with excitement, as I waited for my meeting with her to finalize my induction into the honor society. I dressed in my usual Lucy fashion (I tend to err on the slightly overdressed but professional side of things), did my hair in a pretty, but modest style, and kept my make up as subdued as possible. I walked into her office, handed her my transcripts and my portfolio, and shook on the inside as she reviewed all of my information.

“You’re too pretty to be in this honors program,” she said in a joking manner with a slight chuckle under her breath. At first I smiled with her as I took it to be a compliment, but a few hours later, it actually really insulted me.  I was really hoping she would’ve commented on something important, like, ooooh my GPA, the exam results I stayed up until three in the morning studying for, or even my community service with domestic violence victims. But instead she felt the need to tell me I was too pretty to have the sort of accomplishments that I had.

I would love to say that it is just her, but to be honest, there is something about a woman that knows how to apply a bit of make up, pop on a pair of spanks and hold an intelligent conversation that really freaks people out. I am very ambitious, I have very well formed opinions, and there are very few things in this world that make me happier (or more heated) than a conversation with a person who challenges those opinions and forces me to think. So for her to just whittle me down to pretty face and assume that I couldn’t possibly be as smart as the transcripts in front of her described, was infuriating, insulting, and above the rest, disappointing.

4. Pretty girls have the perfect life. 


No. No. No. There are some days I wish I could just be the version of myself I was too busy hating. Sometimes I wish I could go back and enjoy that time in my life. I wish I could go back and tell fourteen/fifteen year old Lucy that her idea of perfection wasn’t going to win her the handsome boyfriend, a million friends, and loads of respect. I wish I could tell her that there is more to life than that. I wish I could tell her that sometimes being the pretty girl makes life harder than it needs to be. I wish she knew that the clear skinned girls she hated in high school were not nearly as fortunate as she gave them credit for. Most importantly, I wish she knew that happiness, true love, genuine friendship, and respect, are more important than straight teeth, clear skin, and a number on the scale.


You will always find that girl who seems to have the perfect life, but as I’ve just told you, things are not always as they seem. Being the pretty girl doesn’t make life better, as a matter of fact, sometimes it gets worse. Be encouraged that you are worth more than what you look like, because pretty girls have awful days, sometimes awful lives, and no amount of physical beauty can fix that. By the same token, there are pretty girls that really do have it all going for them, but just in case you haven’t picked up on this yet, it wasn’t their face that brought them that life.

Work on yourself, so that when you finally achieve your perfect life, you will be beautiful from the inside, out, instead of just on the outside like a Mean Girls character. Work on yourself, become who you want to become, and I guarantee that the right guy, the right friends, and that picture perfect life you dream about, will find it’s way to you, sans burn book.

P.S. #5 Pretty Girls Don’t Eat

I love ice cream, and burgers make me giddier than a school girl.

If you feel the need to live on a diet, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems, but being hungry ain’t one.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 9.32.11 AM
Lettuce wrapped burger, because bread is one of the 99 problems I have

That is all.

My Drugstore Favourites (Plus Bloopers!)

Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Foundation, Concealer, and Dark Spot Treatment.

Left: Dark Spot Remover. Right: Concealer
Left: Dark Spot Treatment. Right: Concealer

As you can see, the concealer is about one shade lighter than my skin, and the dark spot treatment is two shades lighter (and slightly pinkish), which makes it a wonderful highlighter for contouring.

You can get the full trio at any drug store, Target, or Walmart for about $40…an amazing price considering that is about how much you would pay for one luxury foundation.

Elf’s Golden Bronzer:

In order from top to bottom: Top left, top right, botton left, bottom right (the one that makes you look dirty)
In order from top to bottom: Top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right (the one that makes you look dirty)

Like I said, I’m not the biggest fan of this, but until I find better, it’s not terrible. I bought this bronzer from Target for about $3.

Wet n Wild’s Blush:

This is in the shade Pearlescent Pink
This is in the shade Pearlescent Pink

I love, love, LOVE this blush. I got this particular one at Walgreens for $2.49 on sale, but they’re usually about $3 (oooh big spenda!). I can’t say enough good things about this blush. If anything, I would make it a little less pigmented…it’s that serious people.

Wet n Wild’s Eye Shadow Trio:

In the shade walking on eggshells
In the shade walking on eggshells

I mean…can you see that pigmentation?! Let’s go ahead and give them a round of applause. This trio is $2.49 as well, get your hands on it! I’m getting way too excited about this, so I think it’s a good time to move on…

Maybelline’s Expert Wear Eye Shadow:


Not my favorite palette in the world, but definitely pretty stunning for a natural, yet slightly shimmery, summer time look. I paid about $5 for this at Target.

Physician’s Formula Eye Brightener:

Natural Eyelight
Natural Eyelight

Not too much to say about this, other than I do love this highlighter and have used it pretty diligently for a couple of years now. This particular shade is a bit tricky to find in stores, but you can always find it here for about $8.

I will pretty much use any drugstore mascara.

Covergirl, Maybelline, NYX, Max Factor…they all do an amazing job with mascara and they all range from about $6-$11

Maybelline’s Color Sensational, The Buffs Lip Color and Covergirl’s Just Bitten Lip Stain:

Top: Lipstick- Bottom: Lip Stain
Top: Lipstick- Bottom: Lip Stain

I LOVE this lipstick in Stormy Sahara. It is just stunning, I mean..I am speechless. You can pick this beauty up for about $7.50 from any drugstore, Walmart, Target, or Ulta (they are having a buy one get one 50% off, check it out!).

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone carries this stain anymore (not in the US anyway), and I’m not going to lie, I’m a little heartbroken…. especially since I snapped the balm off of my favourite one while filming this video. If you live in a place that still carries them, do your self a favor and stock up (and send me some)! You will not regret it!

And here is the finished product!
And here is the finished product!

I hope you enjoyed this, and even got a little chuckle out of my bloopers. If you have any ideas for future blog/vlog post, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for watching and/or reading.

Much love,

Lucy Loves Life (and makeup) xx








My Weirdest/Tastiest and Favorite Flavored Water Recipes!

So I am on a bit of a detox at the moment (I’ll talk about this later), and the first thing I think when I see the word detox, is WATER. LOTS of it. Now, I have no problem with this…but when you detox, something clicks in your brain and you find yourself desperate for any little pleasure you can have without ruining your efforts.

So what is my pleasure at the moment? All natural flavored water!

I know this has been around for ages, but sometimes I am a little late to the show. That is okay though, because with my lateness, I also brought some pretty cool recipes!

My first one is very basic (they get more exotic as I go on lol) but it kind of makes me feel like I am drinking a mojito.. and you can’t be hangry (hungry+angry) while drinking a mojito.


All this drink requires is filtered water, fresh mint leaves, lemon, and lime.

I have this adorable little dispenser because my mom loves to shop clearance sales…but a regular, non-floral pitcher will do the trick.

Take all of your ingredients and dump them in!




Mix them all up, let it sit for a few hours (I make mine over night) and BOOM.


Finished product!
Finished product!

You  have some pretty yummy water, and the basic understanding of how to make it.

This isn’t exactly the most complex thing to master, but it is one of the tastiest! With that being said, I figured I would share some of my favorite combinations to throw together on those days when a normal glass of water makes me homicidal:

Take a Chill Pill: Chamomile tea, and fresh lavender. A super easy recipe that is absolutely amazing for those days when life is just pooping all over your day.

Mango Passion: Mango, kiwi, pineapple, and mint leaves. This particular recipe isn’t always the easiest option because all of these fruits are highly seasonal, but when summer rolls around, it’s hard to resist!

Apple Pie: Sliced green and red apples, and a few cinnamon sticks. For a stronger flavor that makes it really taste like apple pie, boil the ingredients first, and then cool over ice.

Citrus heaven: Grapefruit, lemon, lime, LOTS of orange, mint, and even a bit of basil is good (don’t knock it till you try it). This one is super refreshing and packed with vitamin C and citrus-y goodness.

Berry Berry Good: Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and black berries. Squish the berries just a bit (NOT puree) so that the flavor of the berries can take over the water, and you will have one seriously tasty drink. This drink is also one of the things I give credit to when people ask about how I keep my skin so nice. Just in case you needed a little extra nudge to try this out…there ya go.

Coconut Madness (my absolute favourite): Coconut water, coconut meat, and your choice of fruit for a little added flavor. I love mine with pineapple! Now, this one is a tad different… you don’t want to drink this in massive quantities like you would regular water because of the sugar content, but it is a wonderful treat! Let this bad boy sit in the refrigerator over night, and it will seriously taste like a tropical drink the next day!

I hope you guys enjoy these, I know I do! Nothing makes me happier than food/drinks that taste amazing and wont make me regret life ten minutes after I consume them. On the contrary, these drinks are packed with flavor and lots of good vitamins and antioxidants. Please let me know if you try these, I would love to know if you are as crazy about them as I am!

Thanks for reading

Much love,

Lucy Loves Life xxxxxxx