Endless Love (The Movie)

Grab your tissues, some carb rich food, and this bad boy on Redbox. It is so cheesy, highly adorable, and totally perfect for a chick-flick night. Some parts were a bit too corny, but quotes like this had me sucked in for the full hour and 44 minutes, as I teared up and reveled in the magic that is first love.

“My first love was everything all at once. The kind you never fall back from, never try to, never want to. A love so big, and so strong, it never dies, never fades, never loses its electricity. The kind of love you fight for. The kind of boy you fight for.”

Illness inducing cuteness, no?

Enjoy xx




2 thoughts on “Endless Love (The Movie)

  1. This movie was made right down the street from me in Sea Cliff. The house was gorgeous and we were all trying, at that time, to catch a glimpse of Brooke. The house is still there and is as gorgeous as ever.

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