My Weirdest/Tastiest and Favorite Flavored Water Recipes!

So I am on a bit of a detox at the moment (I’ll talk about this later), and the first thing I think when I see the word detox, is WATER. LOTS of it. Now, I have no problem with this…but when you detox, something clicks in your brain and you find yourself desperate for any little pleasure you can have without ruining your efforts.

So what is my pleasure at the moment? All natural flavored water!

I know this has been around for ages, but sometimes I am a little late to the show. That is okay though, because with my lateness, I also brought some pretty cool recipes!

My first one is very basic (they get more exotic as I go on lol) but it kind of makes me feel like I am drinking a mojito.. and you can’t be hangry (hungry+angry) while drinking a mojito.


All this drink requires is filtered water, fresh mint leaves, lemon, and lime.

I have this adorable little dispenser because my mom loves to shop clearance sales…but a regular, non-floral pitcher will do the trick.

Take all of your ingredients and dump them in!




Mix them all up, let it sit for a few hours (I make mine over night) and BOOM.


Finished product!
Finished product!

You  have some pretty yummy water, and the basic understanding of how to make it.

This isn’t exactly the most complex thing to master, but it is one of the tastiest! With that being said, I figured I would share some of my favorite combinations to throw together on those days when a normal glass of water makes me homicidal:

Take a Chill Pill: Chamomile tea, and fresh lavender. A super easy recipe that is absolutely amazing for those days when life is just pooping all over your day.

Mango Passion: Mango, kiwi, pineapple, and mint leaves. This particular recipe isn’t always the easiest option because all of these fruits are highly seasonal, but when summer rolls around, it’s hard to resist!

Apple Pie: Sliced green and red apples, and a few cinnamon sticks. For a stronger flavor that makes it really taste like apple pie, boil the ingredients first, and then cool over ice.

Citrus heaven: Grapefruit, lemon, lime, LOTS of orange, mint, and even a bit of basil is good (don’t knock it till you try it). This one is super refreshing and packed with vitamin C and citrus-y goodness.

Berry Berry Good: Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and black berries. Squish the berries just a bit (NOT puree) so that the flavor of the berries can take over the water, and you will have one seriously tasty drink. This drink is also one of the things I give credit to when people ask about how I keep my skin so nice. Just in case you needed a little extra nudge to try this out…there ya go.

Coconut Madness (my absolute favourite): Coconut water, coconut meat, and your choice of fruit for a little added flavor. I love mine with pineapple! Now, this one is a tad different… you don’t want to drink this in massive quantities like you would regular water because of the sugar content, but it is a wonderful treat! Let this bad boy sit in the refrigerator over night, and it will seriously taste like a tropical drink the next day!

I hope you guys enjoy these, I know I do! Nothing makes me happier than food/drinks that taste amazing and wont make me regret life ten minutes after I consume them. On the contrary, these drinks are packed with flavor and lots of good vitamins and antioxidants. Please let me know if you try these, I would love to know if you are as crazy about them as I am!

Thanks for reading

Much love,

Lucy Loves Life xxxxxxx



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