50 Things That Make Me Happy


So, yesterday was a bit of a doozy for me. It started off pretty terribly, and unfortunately, I never really bounced back. Having a bad day really bothers me because normally I can just get over it, but not yesterday. Yesterday my sad face was on for the whole day, and I kind of feel like it is sneaking in to today.

However, today is not going to be a sad blog. As a matter of fact, in attempt to cheer myself up, I am going to make a massive list of things that make me happy…Prepare yourself…

  • Getting dressed up
  • The mini freak out my dog has when I get home
  • Frankie Valli songs
  • Traveling (mega bonus points if it’s international)
  • “I love you”
  • Coffee scrubs
  • An intelligent conversation
  • A tiny pinch of flirting
  • School
  • A killer pair of heels
  • When my mom makes me breakfast
  • A good mani/pedi
  • When I get to have a “kid” moment
  • Feeling beautiful
  • Bubble baths that last long enough for me to have a glass of wine
  • Nurturing someone that I love
  • Flower bouquets. They make me feel loved, not sure why.
  • Cheat days
  • Those random nights my dog sleeps in my bed
  • The idea of going to school in England
  • An entire pack of gum
  • An amazing workout (with a friend, I hate working out alone)
  • Pinteresting future events
  • Beating writer’s block
  • English accents
  • Shopping with my mom
  • A good blog day
  • Singing when I know no one is listening (there is no pressure)
  • Butterflies in my stomach
  • Ice cream and chocolate
  • Beauty blogs/vlogs
  • Doing anything with someone that I love (including sky diving lol)
  • A genuine compliment
  • A day off after a long week
  • A kiss on the cheek or forehead
  • Outdoor activities (yes, really)
  • Preferably scenic cycling and kayaking
  • Sushi
  • A hug from someone I haven’t seen in a while
  • Small, kind gestures
  • A good laugh with my family.
  • Afternoon tea
  • A legit Facebook notification
  • Small steps towards big goals
  • Being with people that I can really be myself around
  • Psychology stuff
  • Baby smiles
  • Green tea
  • Answered prayers
  • Happily Ever Afters
I had to cut her face out, or she'd kill me
I had to cut her face out, or she’d kill me

There you have it, my list of 50 things that make me happy. So if you have an interest in turning my frown upside down today, feel free to send me flowers, chocolate, and a smiling baby.

What makes you happy? What can turn your day around? Do we have anything in common? Let me know!










8 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Doing anything outdoors lifts me up when I’m down, helps me to clear my mind and think, and it’s just nice to enjoy for no particular reason at all. But kayaking is a favorite. One of my dream adventures, that I sincerely hope to accomplish, is to kayak from Seattle, WA to Juneau, AK.

    Nice post. It’s something worth thinking about that I’ve not spent much time thinking about.

    • That sounds so amazing. I just recently went kayaking for the first time, and I fell in love! Thinking about what makes me happy, usually results in me doing one of the things I think about, and the day becomes a little brighter.
      Thanks for reading and commenting xx

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