How to Pull Yourself Out of a Crappy Situation

Like many of you, life is not all daisies for me. As a matter of fact, sometimes the only sign of a daisy is a small leaf hanging out of the pile of manure life just placed on it. I know I am not alone in this. So as I bounce back from a terrible week, I invite you to steal some of my ideas for bouncing back from a crappy situation.

1. Acknowledge that it is done and that you cannot go back.

From my break up to getting a smack on the wrist for a blog I posted, I have had to learn the crucial lesson of accepting what is and moving on from it. Though it does seem tempting to just wallow in pity and wish for the days before everything changed, throwing yourself an ice cream filled pity party will get you nowhere but diabetes and an increase in jean sizes.

Ya screwed up, you could’ve done something differently, you loved him, blah blah blah… Acknowledge what happened, come to terms with it, and pat your weave girl, it’s time to move on!

2. Learn from your mistakes

Chances are, most times, whatever knocked you down did not come without reason. Now, that is not to say it’s all your fault. Sometimes that thing was 90% the other persons crazy-a**ness, and 10% your own doing.

But here is the thing… I don’t really care who started it… finish it, and learn from your 10%.

Unless you were totally innocent in the whole ordeal (rrreeeallly think about this), you have something to learn. You’ve already gone through the pain, you’ve already acknowledged that you can’t just go back, so you might as well learn everything you can from the craziness.

3. Look at the positive side

Look at every situation you have that can possibly bring you down and attach at least one positive thought to it. This is actually one of my top secrets for not giving a single sh*t.

You don’t think I’m pretty? That’s cool, because that super hot guy with the banging English accent would lick a homeless man’s toe for a whiff of my dirty socks. You don’t like something I said? That’s cool, because that beautiful 12 year old girl who beats herself up about being ugly  finds comfort in knowing that I am dealing with the same insecurities, and loves that I am willing to be honest about my trials.

That one little positive comment can make a huge difference in a sea of negativity. Try it, you might just stay sane and be able to move on with the following tips.

4. Get on with life

What do you stand to gain by revisiting issues from the past? Short answer: Nothing.

That boy? He’s moved on. Your haters? They’ve moved on. Who ever else you can possibly think of? They probably moved on before you were done reading this sentence. So you know what? You need to move on, you need to live your life, and you need to do whatever makes your life better, because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

5. Smile!

No one is worth your sadness (not for very long anyway). This last week I let a mumbo jumbo of BS keep me up at night and steal my joy…why am I telling you this? Because I just realized it was stupid and I thought y’all should know.

Did staying up at night to let stupid people/things/words/situations whirl around my head help me in any way? Absolutely not. It just made me miss my statistics class and feel slightly homicidal/hysterically tired the next day.

So following that, I took the advice I just gave you, bought myself a venti caramel macchiato, invested in a stronger concealer,  and traded the tears for smiles! Was I totally happy? No, not yet. But I faked it until I made it.

Before I knew it, I was walking with my head held high, the world was a brighter place, and nothing could get me down.

Your daises don’t have to be covered in manure if you don’t want them to be. I rarely succumb to those crappy days, but when I do, this usually helps me out. Now that you know my secrets, tell me yours! How do you overcome bad situations?

Let me know!

Much love,

Lucy Loves Life…and daises xx


One thought on “How to Pull Yourself Out of a Crappy Situation

  1. Excellent points. All lessons I’ve had to learn as well. They way you look at every situation really does impact all other aspects of your life. Whether for good, or bad, is up to you. Thank you for sharing.

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