The Grateful Challenge (Part 1)


After reading Women’s Wisdom, the Garden of Peace for Women one particular theme stuck out to me…gratitude. A lot of times we forget just how fortunate we are to be alive, yet alone thriving. This book not only taught me to be more grateful for the wonderful things I have, but also the not so wonderful things.

This series of post (there will be three parts) will be my acknowledgement of all of the things I am grateful for, both good and bad, and why that is. This first post will be semi-cliché and a typical load down of what you would expect someone to be grateful for, but nonetheless, it needs to be said (the next post will be getting a little stickier lol)

1. My family

This is the epitome of cliché things to be grateful for, but because I feel I take my family for granted the most, I must mention them.  From my immediate family, my grandparents, and my aunt, to relatives I rarely see (like my cousin), my family is amazing.

Sure, we have disagreements and there have definitely been some rough times, but I know I can call my parents when my car gets towed at some unholy hour in the morning , I can always call my aunt for a bit of advice or just a good laugh, and when I need to be reminded that someone thinks I am the best person in the world, I call my grandma (she is convinced, y’all) for the standard, Spanglish, load down of all the reasons I am her “reina.” (queen)

Cliché or not, I have a warm, loving family and I do my very best not to take them and my time with them for granted.

2. My Education

I love the opportunity to learn, I love feeling like I really gained an important life skill (critical thinking, factual argument, you name it), and I love the tangible reminder that I am succeeding with something so important.

I feel so fortunate to be where I am right now. Sure, a lot of my accomplishments came through my own blood, sweat, and Starbucks bills, I still have to be grateful. Everyone has a dream, everybody wants to succeed, but not everybody does, and because I have and I continue to, I have nothing but gratitude.

3. Travel


Anyone that knows me has a pretty deep understanding of just how much I love to travel.

Being challenged by a new culture, and experiencing new things that take me out of my comfort zone provides a type of euphoria that I can’t even really explain. I have had the opportunity to experience that high many times, and I have never once taken for granted how fortunate I am.

I am far from checking every country of my checklist of “must sees,” but it doesn’t change my gratitude for the amazing experiences I have had and how they have impacted every aspect of my life. I will elaborate on this in another post (coming VERY soon).

4. My health

As a very healthy 19 year old, you might assume it is easy to take my health for granted. Guess again. Every August 23rd, I am reminded of just how quickly life can change, and how blessed I am to be alive and in good health.

For those of you that don’t know, on that date I was diagnosed with meningitis, and things weren’t looking good. I won’t go into every little scary detail, mainly because I was slipping in and out of consciousness for most of said experiences and don’t remember much. However, I will tell you how grateful I am to be alive with all of my limbs, functioning organs, and no obvious brain damage.I beat the odds. All. Of. Them…How can I not be grateful?

5. My friends

One of the many great ones
One of the many great ones

I am grateful for every one of my friends…from the ones spread out all over the world that manage to keep in touch, to the ones I see every day and deal with being exposed to all of my crazy. I have had some shady friends in my life, and I must say, those shady friends made me grateful for all of the incredible people who walked into my life and stayed there for years.

As you might have read in  The Pretty Girl Stereotypes I keep a relatively small group of friends, and the ones that I have are absolutely incredible…so major thanks, you awesome people, you.

So that is it for today (I told you it was going to be cliché) I hope you got something from this. Tomorrow I will list the five not-so-wonderful things that I am ever so grateful for, so stick around!

What are you grateful for? Let me know of all of the semi corny, yet wonderful things in your life!

Much Love,

Lucy Loves Life…and reading self help books (haha!) xx



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