Now to Me


I always said he would always be my one, and I’ve kept that promise…until now.

As twisted as it seems, allowing the same butterflies I had with him to bud in a new relationship makes me feel like I’m just as bad as him… I made a promise and now I’m choosing to break it. I could deal with us never being special to him, I could deal with feeling so disposable, but as I find myself replacing him so easily… It makes me feel like maybe something that meant the world, really was nothing, and not just to him, but now to me. 

Logically, I would be an absolute fool to keep any allegiance to him, and I clearly haven’t. It’s just a strange phase to move through, that’s all.

Am I alone in this? Can someone explain my crazy?

Much Love, 

Lucy Loves Life… and strange phases xx 


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