An Open Letter to Chubby with Braces and a Bad Dye Job

If I could go back and tell 17 year old me something, it would be this:


Love happens everyday, find someone that will treasure you each and every one of those days, and love will naturally follow. Never fall for someone you know is not good for you. Know what you want, and don’t settle because it feels good. Those butterflies are temporary and one day you wake up hurt and alone, and you wont remember what those butterflies felt like. Find someone that says what they mean, and means what they say; you will grow to value that above everything else.

Don’t ever worry about being alone, only worry about falling and staying in love with someone who can never make you feel happy, secure, or cherished. It is better to be happy and alone, then to spend a countless amount of time missing someone that never deserved your affection in the first place. You may be slightly chubby with braces and a bad dye job now, but that does not determine who you are and what you deserve in a partner. One day you will walk into so much success, you wont even remember why you’re so scared of disappointing him right now.


You deserve someone who will allow you to grow, who will never hold you back. You deserve someone who is attractive, intelligent, and respectful; they are out there and they want you too. You deserve someone that will stop at nothing to make you happy. You deserve to love yourself, for yourself.

So long as you are a woman, and he is a man, physical chemistry will be there; don’t let that chemistry rule your life. Playing house with someone doesn’t mean you’re in love or that you can spend your life with him. Being treated kindly by the man you gave your mind, body, and soul to, is a right, not a privilege; always remember that.


The man that loves you (I mean REALLY loves you), and deserves you will give you everything you want and more than you even thought to ask for. The chemistry will be there, playing house will still give you those thoughts of forever, and you will feel that Hollywood style romance. You can have all of that, and not have to compromise things like mutual respect, true commitment, or lifelong happiness, so long as you remember you deserve it all. You deserve what you tolerate.

Last but not least, never give away any part of yourself under the assumption that he means everything he says. Nothing and no one is forever. Nothing and no one is once and a lifetime, unless you limit yourself to that. You know yourself better than anyone in this world does, never allow someone to rob you of your intuition.

Much love, 

Lucy Loves Life…and teenage life lessons xx 


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