Another One of Those ‘I’m So Busy’ Updates¬†

Dear friends and family, 

No, I have not fallen of the planet. No, I don’t hate you and purposely not answer my phone or come home super late to avoid you (sorry family). Yes, I am extremely busy and the only time I even look at my phone is to see how late I am, read emails, or check in with my fit bit. 

However, I am not complaining at all. I am as busy as I am because I am Spartan kicking my way through all of my goals, and I really couldn’t ask for more… Well, maybe a nap would be nice… 

Anyway, what’s going on you may ask? Well, I thought now would be a good time to update you all seeing as I haven’t done this since July. 



School and volunteering: 

The most exciting and most time consuming part of my life! I am still maintaining my 4.0, but this semester I made the decision to only take 12 credit hours for the sake of diving into some of my interest head first. This semester I am proud to say that I have;

  • Volunteered to organize and be the primary source for social media postings for an incredible non-profit, Care Highway International. 
  • Become very involved in my honors society, working my way to president of leadership 
  • Completed training to intern as a Survivor Advoacy Team member for survivors of sexual abuse 
  • Put together yet another research project (won’t be presented until next month) 

Health and wellness: 

This has been a pretty constant struggle since I was, hmmmm….5? Yep, 5. But for the first time, I feel good. 

I have always been a crash dieter; but after hiring an online trainer and finding a pretty handsome workout partner/ supporter… I feel healthier than I ever have and every sign of progress is a reminder that the healthy way is much more rewarding both physically and mentally; it also taste better, win. 

Starting next week, my hunky supporter, sister, and dad are embarking on our newest “health kick” (that’s what we’ve titled it), and I’m really excited to see what that brings. Could be a six pack, could be cardiac arrest; either way, I’m pumped! 


As you guys know, this particular aspect has been FUBAR (google it). Luckily, I can say I’m beyond that constant state of FUBAR. I have a pretty great guy in my life at the moment, “the one who was always there.” Though I still deal with weak moments and uncertainty, the healing has stayed, and I realize now that the hurt was the best thing that ever happened to me. 

I acknowledged what he is, how bad it was for me, and at a young age I have the knowledge to avoid another potentially life ruining relationship (for those of you I have elaborated on this with, we both know that’s not dramatized at all… It may actually be an understatement).

 I learned what to expect and what to avoid, I learned that I need to trust my head because my heart loves the ones that are wrong for me, and I’ve learned to appreciate the wonderful (and very patient) man who has stuck with me through both of those realizations…. That required a lot of Starbucks and patience, I’m sure. 

In English: 

Between a new relationship, school, 2 jobs, an internship, volunteer work, dieting, exercising, running multiple internet forums with no internet in my house (oh yeah, we are moving!), and trying to stay a calm, cool, and collected human…. I am always moving, always busy, and always happy + sufficiently caffeinated. 

The keyword there is happy

So if i haven’t called you in weeks, forgot that coffee date, or neglected to wish you a happy birthday… Please know that I love you and my crazy little life but sometimes it’s hard to do both. 

Boring post over now! 

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, suggestions, or the desire to say ‘hi,’ please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email…. They real do make my day, especially the witty, sarcastic ones. 

Much love, 

Lucy Loves Life… And my beautiful chaos