Tonight’s Intention: Trust

Today’s intention:


I thought I had gotten over the experience of being disappointed; but it dawned on me about a week ago that I treat myself and others, as if it’s only a matter of time before I allow them to hurt me. I expect everyone I love to disappoint me, and I expect that I will only choose to love people that will inevitably hurt me. I’ve done it before, I will do it again, and that’s all I have been able to see. One of the biggest losses I’ve experienced in the last year wasn’t a relationship, but instead, the trust I had in myself to make decisions that would encourage love and happiness.

Tonight, during my sweaty yoga session… I will trust my body to move as it should, and when I walk away, I will focus on trusting my heart and my mind to love and feel as it should.

Much love,

Lucy Loves Life…and hot yoga xx


2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Intention: Trust

  1. I set the same intention last December after getting into a new relationship following some similar experiences to yours. What I’ve learned: you learn to trust yourself when you learn to trust that the universe is giving you whatever experience is necessary for your ultimate growth and purpose. Look back on the “coincidences” in your life – people who’ve randomly walked in at exactly the right time, challenges that have put you exactly where you needed to be at the time, and trust that the dots will connect down the road 🙂 namaste Lucy

    • That’s really amazing, thank you. Losing trust in myself has been a tough thing to overcome; but you’re right, even that difficulty in overcoming, there is purpose. Namaste xx

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