It is a bit weird to write a selfie… But here we go.

For the boring part:

I am a 20 year old college student. I eat, breathe, and sleep school because it’s what I love (dork status, I know). When I’m not in school, I volunteer my time as an on-call advocate for survivors of sexual assault, and work in any avenue I think I may enjoy at the moment. Without sounding like a Beverly Hills housewife…my hobbies include yoga, barre, Pilates, writing, singing, baking, and driving long distances with the windows down.

The non-first day of preschool/ first date in middle school version:

If the blog name didn’t give it away, my name is Lucy. I started this blog nearly a year ago, and if I’m honest, it was meant to follow the life of a girl finding her way back to her first love, disguised with shallow adventures and random fad dieting. However, if you haven’t stalked around my blog yet, let me just say *spoiler alert* that was a FAIL.

My life no longer consist of “one day”, but today. At 20, I am learning that the decisions I make now, matter now more than they ever have. Speaking of, a word you’ll see me use a million times is, learn. I can’t remember a time in my life when I felt like I was learning and developing more rapidly than I am now (which is not scientifically accurate, I’m just saying). As someone who started this blog to follow a girl chasing “someday,” I realized it was time to start using all of the things I’ve learned, and write about the here and now.

So that’s what I am here to do. Lucy loves life follows me, today, what I learn, how I feel, and the things I enjoy in the present. That mainly consist of inspiring epiphanies had in random places, with a pinch of my opinion of hot yoga and graham crackers.


5 thoughts on “About

      • Ha! That’s weird. I live in Arlington now.. grew up here.. and am moving to France for a while in 3 weeks. Are you from Texas? And how did you start traveling to the UK? And are you going to study there? Sorry so many questions! I get excited to meet people who have things in common with me! 😛

      • Well, I moved to Texas a year and a half ago, but traveled so much the year before that it’s all still pretty new. I’m so jealous of your move to France. What are you planning on doing while you’re there? I went to UK on vacation the first time, fell in love, and now I go back whenever I can. We do have loads in common, so awesome!

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